Frequently Asked Questions

My Current Return Company Claims to Get Credit Back in 24 Hours?

No return company can give you credit back in that time frame. They are either giving you an in-house manifest credit memo or simply just using that as marketing non-sense. Some credit takes 6 months to get back, its 100% on the manufacture when your wholesaler will see the credit.

Our current Return company promises to get us 100% of our credit back?

Every return company will tell you that. What makes you get credit back is 100% determined by the manufacture and the policy they set up for the returns. Where IMC prides itself on is, we go through each and every unit dose tablet for example and try to return it for cash back. Even if the cost to IMC of sending the drug back to the manufacture exceeds your credit were sending it in. Now our competitors are just labeling that particular drug as waste, and not giving you that small credit.

So are there any hidden charges for using IMC?

Like we mentioned earlier, paying for the drugs to IMC is your only charge beside the rate of the return. If you don’t have a means of paying for shipping IMC does have a shipping Service that can assist you with the logistics and we can add that to your invoice at your request only.

I forgot to ask about Storage fees or holding our non processed returns, is there a cost for that?

Absolutely not, most return companies lately nickle and dime clients for everything, and its really changes your return rate in the long run. Again, being upfront and honest is the only way we will conduct business at IMC Pharma.

How can IMC "not charge" for Narcotic & Non Returnables?

Being an Inventory and return service for 50 years IMC has forged strong relationships with DEA approved Narcotic destruction facilities. IMC gets unbelievable deals on destruction so IMC chooses to pass that on to our clientele.

Why do you claim to be better than other return companies?

It’s not that were any better, we are a smaller business and cater to much more detail than our competition. When you have questions, or concerns your questions are immediately answered and taken care of.

Can IMC bill our wholesaler directly, and how does that work?

IMC prefers to bill your wholesaler directly. That way its helps your budget and IMC already has a relationship with your wholesale so it’s a streamlined process. Once your return has been sent out to manufactures, IMC uploads the report on our Website “”, you as a customer can log in and access your returns. In the background of all of this IMC will electronically bill your wholesaler against your return credits and or wholesale account.

What kind of equipment do you use to take inventory?

IMC uses the Motorola MC9090 scanner, wirelessly transmitted to Apple Mac Pro’s. We have your drug database downloaded into our system from your wholesaler. Once the product is scaned we get a visual screen detailing the current drug we are counting. Our Inventory crew has loads of experience; minimum crew members have been taking inventory for some 10 years strictly doing pharmacy. No home depots, nothing but dealing with pharmacy.

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