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    IMC customers have reported a 30% decrease in costs associated with their return process. Don’t be the victim of false promises made by some of these return companies. Just ask how we can save you money.

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    We have been taking inventory for pharmacies since 1976. We have several customized crews that solely specialize in pharmacy inventory, along with crews that can handle retail inventories as well. Call today to schedule your next inventory. Metronidazole Over The Counter

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    “We chose IMC because they are a family owned and independent business that we expected would especially value their customers. They have not let us down. Their response time is excellent. They are very aggressive on pricing, they take the time to make sure all of our returns are accounted for and they resolve problems quickly. If we need service at an odd time or instantly, all I have to do is reach out to Mike (always available) and he’ll resolve it”

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    Robert R.

    Pharmacy Director, Methodist Hosital.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Paying for generic drugs and pharmaceutical products to IMC is your only charge beside the rate of the return. If you don’t have a means of paying for shipping IMC does have a shipping service that can assist you with the logistics and we can add that to your invoice at your request only.

    No medical return company can give you credit back in that time frame. They are either giving you an in-house manifest credit memo or simply just using that as marketing non-sense. Some credit takes 6 months to get back, its 100% on the manufacture when your wholesaler will see the credit.

    IMC prefers to bill your wholesaler directly. That way its helps your budget and IMC already has a relationship with your wholesale so it’s a streamlined process. Once your return has been sent out to manufactures, IMC uploads the report on our Website “imcpharma.com”, you as a customer can log in and access your returns. In the background of all of this IMC will electronically bill your wholesale drug supplier against your return credits and or wholesale account.

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