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Full Service Pharmacy

Many of your customers are asking “Is my medicine cabinet filled with drugs or medications you no longer use? Do you have excess, inherited, or expired prescription or over-the-counter drugs?†Proper disposal of medicines prevents poisoning of children or pets and misuse of medication. At IMC Pharma we can assist your pharmacy in setting up…

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Reverse Distributor “Hidden Fees”

When looking at an Reverse distributor there are a few key questions you should ask when making your final decision. In the return industry the term hidden fees are often used. Watch for companies that nickel and dime you for these standard services. Pharmaceutical waste, storage fees and narcotic destruction. These fees should be incorporated…

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How to Choose a Returns Provider

Here are a few questions to ask: Are their fees all-inclusive? How simple is it to reconcile my credit? Do they require me to sign a contract? Do they have partnerships with industry leaders that I trust? Are they reputable and trustworthy? Have they been around long enough to understand the complexities of drug returns?…

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Pharmacy Drug Disposal

We found this informative article to share with our clients. “A common and dangerous practice is putting expired medication in with your red bag waste. While this illegal practice is most commonly associated with hospitals, any pharmacy that offers vaccines or shots will generate regulated medical waste. In that case, it’s vitally important you don’t…

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