• We guarantee reports within 1 week (subject to contracts sent 1 month in advance of inventory)
  • Inventory reports by drug name, controlled drug detail, and section recapulation reports.
  • Electronic reports in virtually any format.
  • Results provided the same day of inventory (optional)
  • Years of experience in handling your 340B inventory .

Pricing the inventory

Pricing is an important part of  any process.  IMC has created an "EXACT PRICING SYSTEM", which utilizes our years of experience and our price verification policy.  Our policy is the most efficient in the industry while allowing us to keep our costs down..

                 Inventory Services

Technology at its best

We're a group of technologists and perfectionist's; we're constantly pushing  the bar in the Inventory industry.  Our RF systems access your drug files instantiously on site. IMC has a different mindset than our competition, we assume everything is possible and build from that.

We specializes in taking inventory.  Our firm was built on this task.  Our top priority is to insure that our customers receive a quality inventory analysis.  Call for a quote for an inventory consultant today.  

Consulting & Auditing services

Call right now to get the quality service you've been looking for.  (630) 941-1937